[URGENT] Someone to help me with SQL Database

Hello i require someone that is able to do the SQL Database and stuff for me. Since i am not able to do it, due to lack of experience. Do reply below if you are able to do the SQL database for me. Thank you.

To the people that have never used SQL here is a mini-guide on it. It’s a lot easier then it sounds I’ve never worked with SQL and I had my server and essential mode running within 20 mins.

Download the MySQL Community edition from here from the windows sql installer or just google ‘Download SQL Community Edition’

In that link there are two options, use the top one its 1.7mb and is an auto-installer just keep everything default. It might ask what MySQL tools you want to install. I clicked full install, it might as you to install python you can ignore it. In the end it will want you to install the example sql files I just canceled the setup for that and moved on you don’t need it.

This link was pretty helpful with pictures but kinda dated This is a step-by-step guide for the install

Once you install and open your MySQL server through the MySQL Workbench (has a dolphin icon) you can import .sql script that comes with essential mod. Follow this youtube video to import the script into your sql database. Be sure to click refresh to see that your SCHEMAS has been updated after running the script.

Once you upload the script edit the fiverebornserver\resources\essentialmode\server\player\login.lua with your sqldatabase info. I run everything locally so all I needed to update was my SQL password where it said 1212 in that script.

If you get a failure to greenlight error its because your server blocks the MySql.Data.dll file so go to fiverebornserver\resources\essentialmode\lib and right-click MySql.Data.dll and select properties, click Unblock at the bottom.

That’s it you’re done. Be sure to include -essentialmode and -es_admin in your citmp-server file.
Also in your fiverebornserver\resources\fivem-map-skater__resource.lua change ‘fivem = true’ to ‘essentialmode = true’ I read that in the comments not sure how necessary it is.

Hope this helps, don’t ask me for further help I’m not a dev or programmer I just run a server locally for my friends. I don’t have any experience with 3rd party hosting services either.


That was a great and simple guide, would recommend posting that on the forums in it’s own topic to help some that don’t know how to set it up. I might make a guide soon on the commands you need to change database info, those are irritating sometimes. Nonetheless, great guide and thank you for posting it!