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Upfall RP

UpFall RP is a new and upcoming serious roleplay server coming to FiveM. Those who helped create Upfall have dedicated their time to create a server welcoming to both experienced and new roleplayers. We have an active admin/support team who are willing and able to provide help when needed.

This community provides a welcoming atmosphere to new players entering the city. We strive to provide a positive environment that will assist in building many stories, relationships, and friendships among the community.

  • Whitelisted Jobs

UpFall has tons of Whitelisted Jobs for our players to use their skills to professionally run departments like: Police, Sherriff, EMS, Lawyers, Mechanics, Judges, Real Estate and many others! Every Whitelisted job is professionally structured for anyone wanting a serious RP environment. Come in today and start your training to become the next business owner!

  • Illegal Activities

At UpFall we know that illegal activities are a huge part of the dark side of Los Santos, so we have worked to make sure our criminals have a fun experience! Selling drugs, Street Racing, Gang Activities, Bank Robberies, this is just a short list of the many illegal activities our criminals can get involved with. You can join an existing street gang, or create your own! We also have implemented crafting for those criminals that want to get involved in creating their own illegal items. Start your criminal enterprise with us today!

  • Legal Opportunities

UpFall offers many avenues for all of our Legal Citizens to be able to make a living while being in Los Santos. For our working class we have implemented jobs like

  • Trucking
  • Sanitation
  • Taxi
  • Towing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing

When it comes to making money the legal way, we want to make sure our citizens have multiple opportunities to generate income. If none of these options suit your liking, you always have the option to submit a business application into our City Council on the discord! We love when our citizens have high ambitions for other businesses in our city.

  • Staff and Development Team

Our team at UpFall RP believes in creating the best experience for our community. We have staff who are doing everything they can to ensure that our players are having an enjoyable and fresh look at Los Santos. Any concerns about the city will be addressed by the members in the discord. Just submit a ticket and one of our fantastic members will resolve any questions that you have! We want to make sure that our players know that their voice will be heard by our staff members.

We also have devs implemented to make sure we are always advancing and having new things for you to do! Whether that be new custom cars, custom clothes, hairstyles, and many other things. They will also be working on a regular basis to release new updates for fresh and fun custom jobs and experiences.

  • Other Features
    • Casino
    • Tuner Chips
    • Bank Trucks
    • Custom Cars
    • Custom Housing
    • Apartments
    • Taco Shop Job
    • Custom Clothing
    • House Robberies
    • Boats
    • Yacht
    • Hunting

this is one of them best servers out there the community and the staff team is so nice and welcoming the rp is amazing to you have so much you can rp as


Hey guys, I’m the co owner of UpFall RP, since launching last week I’ve been having a blast in server and taking community feedback to make small tweaks to our server.

We have openings for whitelisted jobs and businesses so if you are looking for a fresh start solo or with a group of friends this is a great place to be!

Don’t hesitate to join the discord and reach out with any questions or concerns!


absolutley love the server!


One of the best servers I’ve seen myself and I’ve been to quite a few, and it has such a lovely community too


This server is something i’ve been waiting for for the longest. It’s so hard to find a server worth playing on and now I can call this place my RP home. Cannot wait to continue making stories and meeting new people!


Love playing my dude Rander!!! Server is very inviting and interesting to explore, cops actually provide good rp rather than focus on winning an arrest!

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Huge thanks to everyone who’s been joining and checking the server out!

Police are looking for some new candidates! Make sure you apply today!

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I’m a mech on this server currently looking for Mechs of all time zones!

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Server wide event this weekend! Stayed tuned for more details :sunglasses:

fantastic server recommend checking it out

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One of my character’s here is Angelina she’s an EMS in this server. Met a couple great people to interact with and i cannot wait to meet more interesting characters in this server. Come check out Upfall RP and even apply for EMS yourself. Pillbox is hiring and searching for more medics :heart:

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Just hired a couple of mechs looking for more! Need some for all timezones available!

Lux Dealer Raffle! The Lux Dealership is hosting a raffle for a beautiful car, and we need your help voting for which one we should raffle (voting in discord!!!) The three choices will be:

  1. Mitsubishi FTO
  2. Chevy Camaro RS
  3. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Hatchback

Once we have voted on what car to pick, the raffle tickets will be going on sale for $500 a ticket. There is no limit on how many tickets one can buy. Raffle will end on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. PST. The winner will then have 72 hours to pick up vehicle or it will go to a new winner. Good luck!

We are looking for additional Staff, if you think you’d be a good fit please join the discord and reach out through a ticket! :partying_face:

Been having a blast on the server! 10/10 would recommend!

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looking for more burger shot employees!

We are still looking to have some new Staff and Whitelisted job applicants! Hop in our discord to see all applications!