[UPDATED] Standalone Currency System

i did all the step im not gettign any error but the money doesnt show nor when i go to the atm there no money in the bank and when i do the command it doesnt do anything but no error

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when depositing or withdrawing and atm and banks doesnt work keeps loading forever, also the Admin command to addmoney doesnt work

It’s why I recommend ND Core, I will no longer update this but I will update ND.

but isnt this apart of ND Core, also ive seen the framework it looks great I will probably add it to my server

Nope this isn’t part of ND Core, ND has its own money already integrated this was based on old ND Code.

I’m exeriencing a issue with the script, we are in the server, and see the icons for the money, but it’s not showing us how much money we have. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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For some reason money_script wont start any solution?

I’m having an issue where the money_script folder doesn’t even start in-game. Which essentially makes this whole thing not work

Essentially the resource is just un-startable (im making words up). When I try to start it again in-game the resource refusing to start

unfortuantly ts not for qbcore [ script:Bank_Script] SCRIPT ERROR: @Bank_Script/source/server.lua:1: No such export getServerObject in resource Money_Script

same with atm script

So any one else having issues with getting this script to work?

I didn’t have any issues getting the money script itself to work, but the bank and atm scripts to go with it will not work as they were never updated to support the latest version of the money script.

Quick question, Im running vmenu and i want to add this. but Im not sure how people would be able to collect money as in paychecks etc so they can get auto pay and i wont have to give them money.

The standalone currency has a “welfare” system that pays them automatically “x” amount every “x” minutes they are in game

You will have to write your own menus for banks/atms as their scripts that go with the standalone currency never got updated work properly with the newest version of the currency script as this script was basically left behind in favor of NDCore

I Need help it wont work i put it in my resource and cfg but it does not show the money or nor do the / commands work

Any errors in your console?

not that i know of