[UPDATED] Roddy's Identity (3D-Animated Passport) [ESX] [PAID]

Hi man! I have a big problame.

Contact me directly for support requests.

Hey Blue416,
I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. As I’ve stated in the comment above yours, contact me directly for support requests.

However, I think it’s strange of you to leave a comment under my post considering there have been no purchases made under your username.

That is a fake website that sells stolen/leaked resources.
Unfortunately, it appears that you or your client have been scammed. You also probably received an outdated version of my resource, which could be why you’re having issues.
My only official store is the one linked in this post. At the end of the showcase video the link is also displayed. I also state there that no other links should be trusted.

I would advise you to remove or edit your comment as it’s probably not a very good idea to link fraudulent websites here.

Im using 1.1 ESX and everytime I join I need to register again over and over any solutions?

Hey Luis_Reyes,
Can you message me directly so that it’s easier for us to communicate with each other and for me to have a better understanding of your issue in order to help you resolve it? My contact information is on my Tebex web store.

yo man got this error how do i fix that?

Hey Dio_Jamz,
Reach out to me directly via the contact information on my Tebex web store.

I have the same problem! I need support

Sorry you’re experiencing that issue as well. I’ve accepted your friend request.

Clean responsive UI great for immersion and detail. HTML README is a cool idea with solid info and a nice divergence from files with links to incomplete info. Can tell a lot of love went into this. I’m running OX versions of a lot of standards such as oxmysql, but support is incredible. Support alone is more than worth the price. 100% recommend

Can anyone help me with this? im using esx 1.1 and im starting the 1.1 version script! and i got this error! Anyone knows how to fix this?

I get this error attempt to call a nil value (field ‘GetIdentifier’)

Got exactly what I asked for and support along the way. I’d like to see this merge with multicharacters eventually :slight_smile:

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I have the same error… can you help me?