[UPDATED] Roddy's Identity (3D-Animated Passport) [ESX] [PAID]

Also im on ESX v1.2 not ESX v1.Final

If I’m not mistaken, v1-final is 1.2 :slight_smile:

hey man

(Screenshot - 6fd00b41ac10dadac72e56c616f1b577 - Gyazo)

Hey liro!
I’m about to release a version for ESX 1.2 (v1-final) that should fix those errors. Give me a few minutes and it will be out.

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How do we get it ?

You will be able to get it from the same link you received in your email after you completed your purchase. I’ll update the file there. Just need a few more minutes.

@liro @Mafia
I have just released another version compatible with ESX 1.2.0 (v1-final). Get it from the same download link you were sent when you completed your purchase. Try that one out and let me know if you still have any issues!

The Passport still pops up after loading a saved character

That’s odd. Can you contact me directly so I can take a better look at your issue and help you quicker?

Also happens to me

Hey Jm_Garcia, sorry to hear you’re having issues as well. Can you contact me directly so I can try to better understand what’s causing the issue and fix it? My contact info is on my Tebex.

Problem was fixed!! Thanks to Roddy for the support

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I recommend this creator, I bought this and it didn’t work with my version, and quickly got this adapted to work for me 100% recommended.

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Great job, would you take to consideration for different passports? Like country based, so player could choose which country passport he wants to create?

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Hey GROMO, it’s definitely possible and I appreciate the suggestion. I’m thinking about releasing an updated version at some point in the future and I’ll think about including that extra feature.

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Does it also support the legacy multihcharstuff ?

Hey i was wandering if this support items that you can have on you? and use it as a passport to show to cops where they can also see stuff like driver license? or is this something i have to add myself? else really lit design on it, if you ask me.