Updated Pma-voice rp-radio useable item and check function

and yes :slight_smile:

ESX = nil

TriggerEvent(‘esx:getSharedObject’, function(obj) ESX = obj end)

ESX.RegisterUsableItem(‘radio’, function(source) local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source) TriggerClientEvent(‘Radio.Set’, source, true) TriggerClientEvent(‘Radio.Toggle’, source) end)

Supposed to be o or 0 (Zero)

u are using the wrong version

o_freq_lo its a o so yes it supposed too be o

How is that possible when it is literally the newest version? Could you send me what the server.lua is meant to look like?

Where is this at mate? Can you send me the full link - download link


For some reason, when I download the source code, it gives the old one, same with the main, however, clicking each one works.

u should not download the souce but the files

Good Morning.
I have a problem on the radio already tried to change the bind in config.lua but it seems that it won’t.
someone to help me

The config is only for New players so I you already are on the server u need to chance it in keybinds under fivem

Hey i have been trying for hours to get it to allow players who have the police job ability to join the restricted channels i have read through this post about 25 times and have the most up to date version and am running esx but it still does not allow them to enter those channels, i even tried all the code from above and it did nothing still cant enter the private channels, im at a loss right now

the problem with the radio is that you need too refresh ur police rank when you join the server

with a script there is give u like offduty police rank and then return too the normal police rank

if u understand what i mean

alright lemme go try that real fast

i know for my police job technically there is no off duty like you dont clock in and out

so it works but it throws this error now. Hashing out or removing that is player whitelisted line stops the error and all still works how its supposed to

i need too se ur script for i dont know what the code it is calling