[UPDATED][FREE] Tornado Script V2.3.1

Yeah more is coming but alot of the time delays is because of family issues so I code it when I actually have the free time to do so.

Also just remember any developers are free to contribute to it!

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Hello, what should the script folder be called in version 2.1.3?

It actually shouldn’t matter since there is no UI

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I am uploading a demo video of the latest beta version

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys4ALbSO9z4

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im having the same issue

for some reason i’m not experiencing this in my test server/public server. but i’ll look into it

hey, good work… for some reason the tornado don’t spawn. i see the message and i heared the sirens, but no tornado… thanks!
– CM

I’m having the same issue. Any fix?

If you would scroll through the comments you would see that if you do F8 ensure tornado or F8 restart tornado, then it will spawn near wherever you are.

hi. press F8 restart tornado and open chat and tornado summon and normally it’s ok

loving this script soo much!