[UPDATED][FREE] Tornado Script V2.1.4

eh not that expensive I’ll tell you what’s expensive is the 2 $24k servers I have downstairs…

thats how I ran my servers when I did

wtf, heres me spending £50 on a script wondering how much more its gonna cost lmao

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lol the only thing thats actually more than a year old in this house is uhm well our Charter Spectrum Cable boxes because they won’t freaking send us the new spectrum 210’s they made last year lol they keep sending us like 12 year old arris & Motorola boxes…


yeah the script is going to be rewritten soon probably going to make it premium since I’m going to end up putting like days if not hours into it… it’s going to be an epic script!

so like if the tornado goes over a power substation or powerline an explosion will happen above the line obviously it won’t fall over cuz of well gta physics but i’ll do my best :wink:

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Thats cool. Looking forward to it.

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Using latest version 2.1.5 , how it works for having the sound if there is no soundfx folder inside the script ?

Over fxmanifest you have a bounch of soudfx stuff but this is not included anywere in script zip !

You only have tornado, helpers folders and Dependencies with NativeUI, no soundfx folder its found!

If you actually read the description you will see that i have permission from glitch detector. I believe his credits were there at one point but i havent put that much time into it due to family medical issues so before you ACCUSE read the description…

I’m not accusing you of literally stealing his script… The poor man gave you permission so you can parade around that this is yours but you have been faking it for years now. If he knew how basically all you’ve done in three years was remove any reference to him, he’d be pretty upset. But then again, it’s already a lua port of another script.

Also the code may not be up to date on girhub because i think i only have updated code in the releases and also Glitchdetectors version wouldnt actually sync the tornado while this one does abd yes V3 is still coming but my mother has had some medical issues between being hospitalized and breaking her feet so if you have anything else to say send it to me in pms. But as far as the script accusations i have permission from glitch detector to rerelease his script

I’m not going to hide my findings in PM’s. I’ve studied and tested Glitchdetectors version and yours DEEPLY to actually improve it. I was more upset at you in the beginning because I used to be you when I was 10 years old copy and pasting functionality and pretending to know what I’m doing in my posts. Now that a few months has gone by since I’ve touched these scripts, it’s not worth arguing over. You don’t know what you’re doing and you’re playing developer on the forums instead of working as one in the code. Have a good one!

edit: Any objective real developer is going to come to the same conclusion as I did based simply on your responses in this thread, without digging into your script or your profile. You actually said you have a $20k GPU in a developers forum… Do you think nobody here knows about professional workstations? You need to stop all the fluff, childish bragging and excuses. If you’re serious about rewriting this, best of luck to you, but you could always do some active memory management and keep the metatable approach. You have more than enough there to make it interact with power systems since the entire tornado is in one lua table, the coordinates (which is all you need) and pathing (which Glitchdetector had but you removed ??) is on the server. I really went easy on that first post man but since I mentioned the coordinates I figured I’d mention that the documentation literally states that it accepts a vector3 so you don’t have to pass x, y, z independently, but you did. It was kind of the first offense that prompted me to write the first post.


I haven’t actually been faking if you’d get your facts I have a life unlike you this is a project in my offtime which is not very often.

sadly your wrong, I have been working on this script in my offtime while I don’t update it on github I actually have made improvements with my code not copy & pasting yes I have copied scripts in the past but that’s the Past not the Present I have recently been offline a lot because I have a mother who’s on oxygen & hospice has no immune system falls everyday, etc so excuse me for not coding everyday and ignoring her when she needs help if you think that i’m an idiot then your brain must be somewhere else other than your head.

and I do have a $20k gpu it’s called an AI GPU but here let me rephrase it since you seem to be stupid:
AI means Artificial Intelligence! wow! that exists I know!

I’m nowhere near bluffing or bragging or making excuses this is the truth and straight up the truth if you don’t think well then go somewhere else.

As for the rest of that post I am new to lua and still am, I try to work on it everyday while it’s not my top priority I try why do you think I say contributions are welcome? because every time I google or search a piece of code I learn something new I have a hard time understanding already built code which is why it’s taken me a very long time to process how this script even works however once I did I was still very new to lua and I started by trying a few edits at a time until I got it right.

You can say whatever you want but just know bringing drama to this forum is not recommended and not professional as for my words being nice now I appreciate your aggressiveness towards people that seem like they don’t know what their doing but just know I’m not that person anymore when I started this script I thought it’ll be boring to code all this but as I test and do stuff with it I actually started to like coding, so yeah i’m not that guy anymore
again I don’t really mean to be rude but my words can come out like that just because of the way I say it.

and finally I’m aware I removed the cords because back then I didn’t have a plan for power outages, etc I was just making the tornado spawn where ever you used the command.

now if you’d like to help I’d appreciate it because I’m under 99.9% stress right now my mother almost died twice in the hospital she didn’t wake up for atleast 8 days and since then everything has been stressful because of her meds make her confused, agitated, etc so yeah i’m pretty stressed out right now because she’s on hospice and that is usually the care before death because that’s how it was with my grandmother.

Listen, stop releasing 2.1.x and just work on it until you have a 3.0. If you’re enjoying coding then break the script apart slowly from the start of execution and research everything you see that you don’t understand. It’ll be boring as hell but reference Programming in Lua (first edition)](Programming in Lua (first edition)) as you go. This script can be confusing but it’s all just classes in Lua. This post has been here for 3 years. GTA 6 isn’t coming sooner than 4 years. You have more than enough time to just do it, we’re still going to be here too.

By the way, I went the route of managing the tables but technically tables are slow in Lua so if you were to rewrite your script it would be hugely better than mine.

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Thanks, Like I said in my other post I don’t want/mean to be rude, but I’m also making a game in the meantime with C# so maybe I’ll rewrite this script in C#? I’ve learned quite a lot from making my game

I do plan on rewritting it.
The only reason I kept releasing updates was to try and fix some of the bugs people are getting but at this rate I might be better just rewriting the whole thing.

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we good now? I don’t want there to be any arguments, etc I like to try and make good reputation everywhere I go, that’s why I’m typically not rude unless someone else is rude to me, etc and I was under a lot of stress idk if you understand or not but yeah.

basically all I’m trying to say is I’m sorry and could we start being normal friendly people?

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Hey man, super curious. I’m looking at doing a similar build soon and was wondering if you could send me a link to or provide the name and details of the AI GPU you were talking about. Totally piqued my interest.

if your talking about my gpu I use the Nvidia Tesla A100 ranges anywhere from 10-20K it was 20K when I bought it (it was literally just released when I bought it)

here’s a link to one of them from dell

EDIT: you can get some older cards they are not as fast but you can buy them on ebay for about $100-300 range just search up Nvidia Tesla K80 or Nvidia Tesla K40 the k40 uses 235W whereas the k80 uses 300W

you’ll also need a way to cool it if your putting it in your desktop, their meant to be server cards. but there’s a fan shroud you can buy that fits the k80,k40, etc

here’s a link to the fan shroud it’s about $22 + $5 shipping

K20, K40, K80, M10, M40, M60, P40, P100, V100s, fan shroud

tornado keeps spawning only in the city? same spot each time… ideas?

it shouldn’t it should spawn right in front of you, as far as I know it works as other people have said.
try restarting the script ingame also make sure your using the latest version 2.1.4

i am using the latest, and i did not modify anything either
it always spawns at the same spot in vinewood even if i start it when im in sandy and the only person on the server too.

:frowning: :frowning: oh well it will probably murder peoples PC anyway lol even my frames drop to like 5 with 5700xt aha

yeah the rewrite is going to have a lot of optimizations hopefully.

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looking forward to that!!!

yo where do you put the add_ace group.admin rhys19.tornado allow at like which .lua?