[UPDATED][FREE] Tornado Script V2.1.4

Your typing the wrong command if you’d read the comments or Description it says you need to do /tornado summon to spawn it and tornado delete to delete it

An update is coming soon I promise just family issues has gotten in the way. My mother was on hospice but she’s doing better hopefully soon I can get back to my usual coding everyday habit.

I’m hoping to have some kind of update towards the end of July maybe


Any Way to Make so I will Remove Discord ace perms and just add groups such as Group.NWS or something

there is no so called “Discord perms” in this script if any permissions are built in it should be ace permissions

Eagerly waiting for the next update :star_struck: I have a question too. Players are not getting any damage while getting carried by the tornado. How do I change that ?

@rhys19 Any updates regarding newer version ?

not atm but I am merging the beta version into release


Update 2.1.3:

Merged beta into a release

I know it’s been awhile but I’ve successfully tested the beta and have found it stable to merge it into the releases so here we are! update 2.1.3!

This update includes:

  • A new version checker that works!
  • Tornado Sirens
  • EAS System see OP(Original post) for configuration
  • Several sync issues fixed!

to download this update

Source Code
Direct Download

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when i download the update it says its outdated and is version 1.0.4 even though the download page shows v2.1.3

releasing a new update to fix that issue

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Update 2.1.4 is out! Fixing ace permissions & the version checker

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I don’t hear any sirens when I summon it.

It’s broken just replace the siren event with an Interact Sound server event.

rhys19, you are either very young or stealing glitchdetector’s script.
This thread’s all over the place with apologies and V3!!! announcements that it hurts. I’ve checked your GitHub commits and I’ve got to say it looks like I’m following a tutorial along with you.

You are adding things without a goal in mind, things that mostly don’t work, like one of the things you spent the most time on according to Github, the version checker. If anything all you did was remove the random weather script in the original and throw your name all over it.

Is V3 still a thing since you’ve released updates since the announcement?

I’m willing to give you an apology in the event I downloaded an older script or something because I am shooketh. Maybe I don’t know how to use GitHub correctly, either way I see the vision if you can or have optimized and sync’d this tornado(I don’t know if the original was sync’d any more than yours, the forum has shown some complaints but I digress.)

EDIT: Here I am feeling bad thinking I was harsh on you and then while I’m gutting your script to actually improve it I saw this

AddEventHandler("tornado:delete2", function()
    IsTornadoActive = false
    TriggerClientEvent("tornado:delete", -1)
    print("^2[NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE] ^0The Tornado has now went back into the clouds!")

AddEventHandler("tornado:delete", function()
    IsTornadoActive = false
    TriggerClientEvent("tornado:delete", -1)

And of course the only use of delete2 is…

local Item2 = NativeUI.CreateItem("Delete Tornado", "~y~Deletes the tornado! ~r~(All tornados)")
        Item2.Activated = function(ParentMenu, SelectedItem)
            --Do stuff

After stripping his script to it’s core and comparing with the original, he removed gd_ the creators prefix. ie. glitchdetector from all the events, poorly implemented ace permissions, copy and pasted NativeUI, and he poorly rewrote the tornado positioning.

The last and cleanest change I found is undoubtedly the first thing he did, a rewrite of the commands:

	if (args[1] == "summon") then
	elseif (args[1] == "delete") then
	elseif #args < 1 then
	return TriggerClientEvent('chat:addMessage', source, { color = { 255, 0, 0}, multiline = true, args = {"^1System", "Invalid Arguments!"} })