[UPDATE] jim-mechanic v3.1 - QBCore Mechanic Script

Your items are messed up in the inventory

Just disable the damage in the config

	vehFailure = {
		damages = true,


	Repairs = {
		ExtraDamages = true,

I set both to false and made sure to have qb-vehiclefailure and the submersibles still break down underwater :cry:

Had the same issue… You using the Avisa?

Try this.

local isBoat = IsThisModelABoat(model) or IsThisModelAJetski(model)
if GetEntitySubmergedLevel(veh) >= 0.95 and not isBoat then


if GetEntitySubmergedLevel(veh) >= 0.95 and GetVehicleClass(veh) ~= 14 then

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This is a massive issue right now, discord support has been useless af… anyone know why the latest version is not applying the extra damage to like battery, sparkplugs etc?

I will give this a go. It was happening on all 3 versions of the submersible. I’ll let you know if this works out for me. Much appreciated!

That fixed the issue, thank you so much

Hey i’m getting this same error, what was your fix?

Has anybody been able to make the pearlescent, wheels, interior and dashboard colour to take RGB/Hex Codes? Id really like that added or a way to make it possible

Is anyone else getting this Error when they try to use the Toolbox, and is anyone else getting the Error on Neon underglow?


Hi, is there a discord for support?

Since latest update the /preview just doesn’t work neither does /checkdamage