[UPDATE] jim-mechanic v3.1 - QBCore Mechanic Script

How to fix this error?
Also, when I stored the project in the cabinet, it disappeared when I opened it again.

whats the fix

Ours keep saying we have to be a mechanic to do this

What inventory do you use

What does your job look like

I can guarantee Jim doesn’t use ChatGPT. Looking at the old source to the newest it’s basically the same, just with new features. Your developer most likely uses ChatGPT.

I used his mech system and had no issues at all? might be more of a you issue.

I have to set job to mechanic from Bennys

I replied but the post needs to be approved for some reason.

I have to set job to mechanic from Bennys

So i have a couple errors. My items aren’t pulling from the stash. It pulls from player inventory. Two when I try to repair the engine it doesn’t give me the option even though I have the right materials, and when installing the nos it doesn’t give a progress bar


how do i get the proforments and everything else work and installinto the car

Hello looking for your discord and cant seem to find any info on it would be wonderful to get a link to it by chance

Check the readme file :drum:

Did not see it will lok later my only issue is when server restarts i have to restart the mechanic script everytime for it to load the location benches and pretty much everything is there acsetting im missing somewhere in config im not getting errors or issues

Does anyone know how to make the interior color
save on esx

How do i keep the script from having to be restarted after every server restart??

Somebody know what happening? Before worked everything but now nothing :frowning:

ox inventory, qb-core server

Bumping my own reply to see if anyone else is having this issue, and if so, any fixes? Thanks