[UPDATE] jim-mechanic v3.1 - QBCore Mechanic Script

qbx/qbox is a framework better than qbcore if your still on that old shit id switch over Qbox · GitHub

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thats not a jims problem thats a error with the custom car

had a closer look into it and i get this error when server starts

but its wierd as mech tools works ok but the toolbox doesnt while outside the car by a car other then that works fine i just get a message saying cant be used inside car or no vehcile near by

Thank you! :blush:

I’m having an issue w/ emergency vehicles utilizing the mechanic bench. We’re using CarLabs for our EMS and PD vehicles. I went into jim-jobgarages and falsified extras, thinking perhaps if they weren’t set, the bench would allow us to utilize those cosmetic extras, but we keep getting this error:


The number of the “mod couldn’t be set” is different with each option.

Was wondering if I could get some guidance on this please and thank you.

Will there be an esx version?

did you find a fix to this got the same issue

I’ve noticed since jim-mechanic update 3.4.2 that submersibles break when I go underwater.

Any advice you can give to fix this since the script took over the vehicle failure part of qb-core?

Thanks in advance!

Just bought the script yesterday well done on that. Im just having a strugle with the repairs I have the materials and the mechanic toolbox but I still cant fix the vehicle. Do I still need to use the qb-mechanic or do I need to remove that

I get this error if I want to refuel my NOS. Any Help please.

Never mind I made a mistake.

this shit update is kicking people everytime they use a item and it says duplicating item that is not found but its in the item.cfg any fixes for this?

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Hey Man, our server is running all of your scripts. We have recently ran into an issue where the upgrades / cosmetics are not sticking. do you or some one have any idea where the problem could be?

I am also getting this since the update



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They dont care. They only care about $. How do I know? I read the comments above this

This error just means it couldn’t find those core frameworks. You can remove them from the fxmanifest if you don’t want those showing in the console.

I found a fix for it. If you need it let me know

Man you need to stop using Chat GPT to code and write scripts my guy or actually just give up being a developer. I have had this broken script in my server since I opened it. This script has done nothing but cause issue after issue. I will be replacing this script or making my own. Very disappointed in this script, has a lot of cool features but every time you update I have to go fix something. You should consider selling the open source version of this script and letting a real dev fix it for you.

Wow great customer support and service, wouldn’t recommend anyone buying anything from them at this point.