[UPDATE] jim-mechanic v1.8 - QBCore Mechanic Script

Server owner has to buy it so that it registers at his License Key!

hands donw the best mechanic ever!! but Jim! can i request the preview to be a lil bit better … like its hard to preview the rims like we got alot of custom rims hehe😅

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is there a way to contact u ???

I can not get the performencs items working. Yes i can install them, but it dont seem to help. Is there anyway i can change that?

man this would be amazing on esx, please gib

is there a way to create another work bench?

Same here. have you found a fix?

Having the same issue

great script love it. however we cant seem to get the cash register to work and pop up, any solution ?

i dont think so we tried that and couldnt figure it out so what we did was make a job just for a manufacturing company to make and all mechanics buy the parts from a distribution company