[UPDATE] jim-catcafe v1.2 - QBcore CatCafe Job Script

Still no ESX Conversion?

Hey mate.
I was wondering if when i purchase this is all the code available? I’m going to try and convert it to ESX.
If i do so I’m happy to provide it to you

Would love to know this also.

This scrpits with Mlo and without mlo and how to purchase take me plz

Hello, if I donate BGN 25, do I receive all the pockets or only the one I paid for

Are this props real? Not just names of props but a 3D object?

This purchase for the scrip, not the map. That is owned by Gabz.

I will not personally convert it to esx.

Everything related to the props or map is a question for Gabz, not me.

any animations going to be added to the food ?

Quick question. There is the coffee and the latte but we don’t have the ingredients for them. Not only that, but there is also the issue with some of the things that came with your pack are seemingly missing. The biggest thing for me is the ability to make coffee and the latte. Can you please tell me a fix for that?

I have a question. If I donate and get the script, the script is encrypted or decrypted? because my team want to convert the script into Esx.

last version jim-catcafe 1.3.1 right ?

Make this ESX PLEASE!!!

Qbus is based off ESX base/foundation

Is the MLO Included?

No. The cat cafe MLO is by Gabz. https://www.gabzv.com