Update Hell Loop

Whatever today’s update did, didn’t do anything good for me. I can’t get into fivem. All I get is the update running, then nothing once the update window goes away. Tried reinstalling FiveM from a fresh download, didn’t help.

I looked at Citizen.log, that doesn’t help:
[ 0] Initialized system mapping!
[ 0] GlobalError: Component manifest mismatch in component scripthookv.dll. You likely overwrote scripthookv.dll from FiveM with a non-FiveM version of it. Delete caches.xml to restore from this heinous act.

I deleted scripthookv.dll, but the damn update runes again and downloads it. I can’t delete caches.xml, where is it?

I love how these updates break more than they fix.

If your ScripthookV is still in your Grand Theft Auto V directory, You need to take it out for FiveM to run… it Happened to me as well

I just tried that for the heck of it, fivem now works.