Upcoming Community - Looking for Head Administration / Administration [Whitelisted]


Hello, this thread/article is based around an upcoming FiveM community I would like to pursue with 1 or 2 other members, that can help to build a successful, exclusive community with immersive & realistic roleplay at its forefront. To do this, I require experienced, like-minded individuals that share a similar vision but also fit the requirements that can benefit our community.

Thread Breakdown: Below you can locate information regarding the server (current stages etc.), and requirements (of individuals involved in early contribution).

Server Breakdown

The server I am aiming to create with other members is a vMenu-based whitelisted community. Our community vision should be aligned to provide inclusive & exclusive roleplay to all - no matter what. Fulfilled by a strong command team, our head administration as a collective will strive to uphold these standards, and other in-house policies and procedures.

As a server, we will prioritise main aspects - that makes us unique and stand out from the ‘crowd’ this can be discussed upon contact. Once situated, we will focus on the build of the server - implementing systems like the invision community system, CAD, patrol server, policies, TeamSpeak and most importantly the COMMUNITY!

Please note: this will be a place to have fun, after all that’s what FiveM is for! :slight_smile:


I’m currently looking for another, or two individuals to join this venture and initiate the early startup and join the head administration team. In due course, we will also be looking for other contributors (please check thread bump - for updates.)

Head Administration: is the team effectively leading the community. This will be a group of 3, being Director, Deputy Director & Asst. Director. Us 3 will be leading the community and will be the main source of finance that’s contributing to the upkeep of the server. I am looking for experienced individuals and therefore have the following basic requirements, that you must have before point of contact with myself:

  • 17+
  • Sound knowledge of FiveM, with experience within whitelisted communities!
  • Ability to have fun!
  • Able to contribute towards the server, financially (assets, server, web costs etc.)

All individual’s experiences may be vetted about contact. Contribution - all 3 head administrators will contribute towards this, I have accumulated assets already worth well over $300 for this community. We’re just starting!

Get in Touch

Pop me a message, and let’s have a chat about the server and the ideas we have. I’ll reply to all messages within a 12-hour window, however, may take up to 24 hours. This thread will be updated/altered when a sufficient ammount of people are onboared into this community.

Contact me on discord! - Callum#4695

Big Vouch for Callum, worked with him on other servers previously. This is a great opportunity, for those who have an avid interest in running/operating a community! :smile:

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Post Bump!

Post Bump - Currently still looking to fill 1 x more spot within head administration, and have began to look for those with experience as a department head within a whitelisted community. As always, message me on my discord.

Requirements for Department Heads;

  • 17+
  • Sound knowledge of FiveM, with experience within whitelisted communities!
  • Ability to have fun!
  • Strong Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Ability to create documentation, policies, and guides with correlate with community rules & regulations.

We’re currently looking for LSPD, BCSO, Civ, SAFD, and SACD administrators. Please note - we are still early days, if you want a server that’s ready to go this is not the place.

Warm Regards,
Callum F.

Post Bump!

Post Bump! - Recruiting Administration in all Departments