Untouchable Community | Seeking Developers and Staff!


Ever heard of a FiveM community that has a great staff, great role play, and staff? Well, you’ve found one. We are a dedicated group of gamers that will be at the forefront of the community at all times; we aim to provide a stress-free and accepting community. We aim to communicate with the community to the best of our abilities, we want your feedback on how the community is going and what you want to see changed. We work one on one with the community to meet their needs to enjoy and have fun in a safe environment.

Untouchable Community has been around for years, dating back to 2014. Every day we’re getting bigger and better. Our staff team makes your happiness and experience at uC a priority. John and Riot, our owners have been working from sunup to sundown every day to make this more than just a community for you, but a lifestyle. We came out in early Arma 2 days and once Arma 3 came out, we jumped on board. Now, we’ve decided to try our luck with FiveM. We are more than just a community, we are family, friends, neighbors and long distance cousins that you can’t wait to hang out with when summer starts.

Untouchable Community is currently looking for Developers and Staff Members that would like to assist us in growing our community to become bigger and better than ever before. If interested in joining our Development or Staff Team then please add Hastings#5119 or Riot#6675 on discord.


If you need someone to develop your server add me on discord! 天国#5944