Unsupported natives/decorators

Hi there! First of all, congratulations with this release! I never thought a CitizenFX/FiveM-derivative would ever be released again, but this is great news. I hope this lessens the pains for the original FiveM developers.

Now, onto my question. I just tried to load my mods and they work pretty good! I do get errors though. Does FiveReborn properly support the decorators from GTA V? I mean using DECOR_SET_INT (0x0CE3AA5E1CA19E10) for example. That crashes for me.

Error message

It should be said, the mod using this works perfectly in conjunction with other mods in SP with ScriptHookV.

Please link the mod so I can read more info about it.

Source @ https://github.com/E66666666/GTAVManualTransmission

Works fine when removing cross-script communication/use of decorator functions.

What’s your map structure like? Where did you place Gears.asi and Gears.ini ?

Gears.asi inside FiveReborn/plugins
Gears.ini inside the GTA V directory

Generated log file also appears inside the GTA V directory.

I’m waiting for a response to this as well, I can’t play without it to be honest.

You are trying to use a mod wich has unsupported natives in it.

@Boss will it ever be available to use?

Hue, if I’m right I’ve already updated it.

Does the development team have the capacity to ever implement the missing natives, or at least gracefully catch the cases when mods use this? I can image some authors not willing to update their (old) mods.

I’ve updated my mods (Manual Transmission & InversePower) to be compatible with CitizenFX.

Also yes, I know I’m using a mod with unsupported natives, I made it :smile:
Even talked to NTA about this but I still wonder if this could be worked around gracefully by the current FiveReborn team.

I believe we can add more natives ourselves to reborn\citizen\scripting\lua\natives.lua if you know what you are doing, but they will only work client side until they are added by the devs, Somebody correct me if I am wrong.