UnrelentlessRP || BRAND NEW! || Looking for testers AND ADMINS || No Whitelist! || Discord: https://discord.gg/ThvUg9jawZ

Welcome to the beta of UnrelentlessRP! We are a brand new city that’s looking for motivated individuals who know how to RP correctly. The city is just being released and we appreciate any constructive criticism you may have. Please join the discord with the following link: https://discord.gg/ThvUg9jawZ and come fly into the city and see whats up! This city has an array of things for you to do. And a number of whitelisted jobs (EMS, Mechanic, LSPD, and Car salesman) If you are a developer I would appreciate if you would fly into the city and give any criticism you may have an a solution to the problem! It is an ESX server.

See you in city :slight_smile: - ViolatedGrandma