Unofficial FiveReborn Wikia

Hello, there is a lack of a wiki for the FiveReborn, so I setup one on Wikia (It’s uggly but I hope it will help someone…)

Unofficial FiveReborn Wiki:

I have some stuff already done that I have used. Feel free to use the template:Function to create functions that are not up there yet :S If you know how to use them. If there are functions missing just add them?

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@Lex_The_Great , maybe you need full-functionally wikimedia engine on my hosting with subdomain develop.mysite.domain or fivereborn.mysite.domain?
If you and me will admin it, it will help more people, then this ugly wikia site.
Write PM, if you are interested.

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@Lex_The_Great thank you for the credits on

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So, i see you ignoring my request for using instead of

Sorry you think I’m ignoring your request, I made the wiki before you said anything. I havn’t touched it since. I don’t have time to transfer everything over at the moment. If you want to move it over go ahead!