[UNIVERSAL] Modern & Clean Loading-screen

This is a modern, clean and responsive loading-screen with a dark style, it packs a ton of features which you can see below.

Everything can be configured to your desire and with a full source code you can do whatever changes you’d like!

The loadingscreen has the following features:

  • Clean, dark and modern style.
  • Clickable website and Discord buttons.
  • Embeddable YouTube videos.
  • Info section with new line support.
  • Rules section.
  • Loading indicator with animated steps.
  • Welcome text with the players name.
  • Super easy configuration.
  • Configurable server logo.
  • Made in React.
  • Full source code.

Tebex: link! (4.99£)


This looks like my moms meatballs! Wow! :heart_eyes:

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Just send you an e-mail, cause i downloaded wrong and now i cant download it again:)

I put in a few diff youtube links it does not play any of them, any advice?

Send me a email describing the issue and also the videos you have tried using!

I did you never replied…

I have recived 2 emails from 2 different people and I have responded to those, not sure which one you are.
Try sending one again otherwise send a message here on the forum.

ok I just sent one :slight_smile:

Hey so my loading screen is white instead of grey how can I change it?

Rebuild the script from source (read the HOW-TO) and do not edit the public or build folder, do all your changes in the src folder instead.