Universal Menu - A customizable modular uniform menu framework [v2.4.2]

v2.3 released with a new API function to remove stuff!

Make sure to check the wiki.

Edit: v2.3.1 made adding menu stuff dynamic.

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lov’in it

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Another quick version bump (v2.3.2), this time the behaviour of greyed out items has been changed (check check) and some critical bugs have been fixed. Also menu:goBackMenu added.

Apologize for the absolute update spamming today.

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update spam? more like greatness.

Quick bug, if you press backspace to close the menu you have to press the open menu button twice.

Hmm can’t reproduce, are you on the newest version?

Yeah, most likely me doing something wrong.

v2.3.3 released with three new API functions, menu:setOnOffState, menu:getOnOffState and menu:goToMainMenu.

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v2.3.4 fixes menu:setOnOffState not doing what it says

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v2.3.5 fixes adding menu items to root.

Thanks to @IceHax for discovering this one!

v2.4 fixes up even more stuff, changes the behaviour of menu:removeByID (Check) and now checks for updates on resource start.

As always, if you find some :bug: crawling around in the menu, don’t wait any longer and make sure to report it!

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v2.4.1 allows you to pass nil to menu:setDesc to remove the description.

Hopefully this is a step towards total :trophy: stability.

Also you should get a reminder in the server console the next time the menu resource is restarted.

v2.4.2 fixes the ability to remove module- and sub-menus again.

As it’s been said a million times before, if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate reporting them.

Hello,I would like to collect all the menu like the inventory, the accessory menu, the animal menu and the other one in that but I do not think anyone would have any advice or help?

can someone help me i just want a menu that lets people customize cars and upgrade cars no spawning no weapons and no god mode

how do you install universal menu?

You can change the resource name just go the the NUI/menu.js file and edit line 198

function sendData(name, data) {
    $.post("http://teleport-menu/" + name, JSON.stringify(data), function(datab) {

Then change the “teleport-menu” to whatever you want to name your resource.
Thats it. :grinning:

if you need help and no one responds msg me on discord at GeneticGamer#4229 i will respond

Hi, I can not find where to change the key to open the menu

is there any event to open a specific menu?

Can I create more than one menu?

Example: I might create command /veh with menu #1 and command /admin with menu #2 ?