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Absolute shit show of a server. Do not join for RP, only join if you want to troll and fuck around.



From someone who’s been in the RP space for 6-8 years. I think there is room for potential here I think the community is on its way to being something great. Unfortunately, it still has yet to unfold and spread its wings so it can one day leave the nest. It did merge over from being a public server so while for the time I spent on the server so far, I have not picked up on Whitelist quality yet from anyone I’ve interacted with. That being said, the player base is very high, the server does get busy and the chances of running into people is greater rather than none. However, while the quantity is there, the quality is not yet and that can be a major issue when newcomers who are experienced come in with the standard being whitelisted. As far as scripts and things to do in server it’s all great and even tho there are a few bugs here and there I can see them being squashed no problem. I do plan to stick around to see how this community grows and forms and I do recommend you go check it out to see if it’s for you. It has a shot to be great, it’s just gonna take some time at the moment but every server has to start somewhere.

Unity 2.0!bump

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Unity 2.0 daily updates


Top quality RP