United Gaming Frontiers | Looking for a Management team

United Gaming Frontiers

Who are we?

United Gaming currently runs a very successful British Roleplay Server currently no.1 Rp server having over 3k members with 140 live active players per night, and we also have 2 twitch partner streamers that are affiliated with UG. We also have a very good staff team but with RedM we want to bring in the right talent, someone who knows RedM and what the players base and culture is like.

Why us?

We have acquired a custom framework from our external developers. This framework is optimised to the max and has a lot of unique and cool features. What brings Red Dead Redemption RP to life.

Who are we looking for?

We are currently looking for a competent individuals who have experience in RedM and Wild Western culture. For us to reach our goals we are seeking managerial level people who have the knowledge in :

  • Staff building
  • Rule setting
  • Community building
  • Server improvement suggestions (jobs, tasks etc)
  • Good organisation skills
  • Late 1890s culture knowledge

If this is something you are interested in please join this discord and just make a support ticket!:

We are still looking :slight_smile:
Please open a support ticket and ask for me or one of the owners if you have any questions or want to apply for the role.