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Welcome to United Freedom Roleplay!

About UFRP:
We started the community to provide a place where people can share their stories, create content, build relationships and most important HAVE FUN! There is a zero tolerance policy for negative attitudes! Of course there has to be rules, however we want to give all members an opportunity to be creative and allow a wide variety of Scenarios to grow their characters stories.

Server Features:

  • Sonoran CAD/MDT
  • Realistic Emergency Services
  • QBCORE Framework
  • Economy and Skill System
  • Civilian Jobs
  • Criminal Opportunities
  • Illegal Drugs, Weapons and Items
  • Custom Properties
  • Many Business Ownership Opportunities
  • Custom EUP
  • Custom Emergency and Civilian Vehicles
  • Many Open Interiors
  • Real Life RP

Things to do on server:
• Fishing
• Routine Courts to improve back stories
• Running multiple different businesses
• Illegal items
• Hunting
• Seek UFO’s
• Sell drugs and other illegal items
• Own houses that allow you customize them
• Underwater sea diving
• Player customize vehicle races
• Customizable street signs that allow LEO to advertise wanted suspects around SA
• In depth investigations that investigate external and internal issues
• Multiple different turfs that can be overtaken by your new up and coming gang
• Ownable cell phones with access to multiple different apps including Twitter
• Multiple IRL Cars being added weekly


UFRP is lore friendly to GTAV Agencies Consist of:


Join Today!

We are a whitelisted community, this means that you will have to submit a short application before joining the server. We are always open to new ideas and encourage input from all members! Staff members are very active within the community and assure that Community Meetings are held once a month so that all members can share input. Help to grow this awesome community and make it your new home! If you would like more information on the community or have any questions, please join the United Freedom Roleplay Discord.
Fill out an application and sit through a brief interview and we will get you whitelisted on server ASAP.


Server Photos:

Dive into the ocean to find some lost treasures!

Grow your weed anywhere!

Happy Gaming!


yall got a discord link?

If you’re interested in helping with server development please hit me up!

hi just wanna say I did this kinda thing for my server and my post got closed so watch it just so ya know

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Thanks for the heads up. I believe I am within the guidelines… I hope lol

LOL Ur welcome

do you still need help

Please feel free to hop into our discord and introduce yourself.


Updated 01/31/2021 - KS

Hi my name is Michael I would love to join and have some nice fun rp. My emaile is [email protected] get back to me I would love to play.

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Join the discord man!

Updated: 07282021 - Applications Open!

Bump it

Such a great server! Been here for a while now and I am loving it! Such a friendly community! Come join us today!!!

i would like to join the roleplay

Rebrand 12/26/2021