UNIQUE STORY LINE / LORE ! Serious RP | Seeking Experienced Law Enforcement for Supervisory Roles/Entry Level recruits

Hello all,
Seeking experienced Law Enforcement for supervisory or leadership roles, or entry level applicants. In addition, EMS is hiring and the government is still out on the look for its next citizen

About Dream State and myself
Dream State is a serious roleplay community that recently launched. The community itself is whitelisted. The community although small is largely active 7 days a week for most of the day, on average you will see 14 players in the city. I was recently recruited by our “black-hood” government to run our new Police force, developed from the ruins of public distrust and corruption. Roleplay is USA law based, with a twist. This is a serious, some might say hardcore roleplay server, there are rules, and every roleplay action has a roleplay consequence. Currently the whitelisted application process is extremely simple, fill out a form with your character name, discord user, story line, within a couple of hours they are generally accepted and you get “flown into the city” after being grabbed in your sleep :wink:

Dream State is born from the ruins of public-distrust, anti-government radicals, corruption, scientific and behavioral wonder. A few years ago the American government decided to cut off or isolate the Island from the rest of the world in order to create the “perfect” society or … at least try to. After the Island was sealed off the only inhabitants or citizens were those that were born here, those that were trapped away or ( if lucky) with their families while on a layover flight, or those that the government deems essential to its experiment are black hooded and taken away from the main land and dropped in Dream State (this is where the whitelisting comes into play). There are rumors that you can earn your ticket off the Island eventually… butttttt “I dont know anything about that, they haven’t selected me…”. The Police Departments that existed on the island were destroyed. After careful selection and rigorous personality tests, they decided to instate an interim sheriff responsible for the enforcement of the law, development of public trust, while paving the way for the future of Dream State. Some say the Sheriff’s office is a puppet of the government founding fathers and daughters, but don’t believe that mess! Heck I haven’t even seen or spoken to the government founding themselves, all that happens is those Merryweather representatives show up occasionally and help me buy things for the department… the guy always wears a beard and has this really shallowly voice, scares the F out of me.

Dream State is a “lore-friendly” city/server, so unfortunately (this was very distasteful for me at first) you will see custom cars or emergency vehicles, but not of real brand name manufacturers like Ford or Chevy. The same thing goes for weapons, stores, etc. Once you accept the storyline and buy into the city’s story it really makes things fun, interesting, and exciting.

The sheriff department is overseen by myself, Rob George (RG ZAM). We currently have an application process which consists of the application form, LOI or resume (if applying for supe or leadership), and the academy(under construction) for new entries.

Currently we have openings in
-Training and Policy Office
-Patrol Office
-Sheriff Department Command

I will talk more about the specifics with you directly, but besides two or four patrol sergeants, I am really looking for people that can help shape the department which means those with interpersonal tact, experience, dedication, and administrative skillset. Administrative skillset in my words means, familiarity with creation of documentation, records, policies, spreadsheets, all the paperwork stuff that makes a department run, and of course leadership.
If you aren’t what I am looking for leadership wise there are entry and mid-level position openings.
I am open to ideas and suggestions, if you would like to talk more about possible opportunities we can absolutely do just that!

About Dream State:
-US based
-Lore friendly
-Active players daily (no scheduled patrols)
-Realistic roleplay, limited to none out of character incidents

Contact me via forums or discord: RG ZAM118#3423
Discord invite Dreamstate Roleplay

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Dream State ! Lore Friendly server, you have to check us out! A new twist on serious roleplay!

Still looking! I’ve been switched to the Los Santos Sheriffs office.