I have a total of 100+ hours played, full honest review.
I had a great time at the begining of the server, met good solid people with my time playing, great system with the cars, so much great things about the city, great RP and the staff listens to the community with upvote suggestions to have a group choice. Great in a lot more other aspects.

Once my gang starts to rustle some feathers and actually RP as a gang, we get a lot of tickets though our victims. We get antagonised by specific groups of gangs just so they feel like they have a 1 up by applying petty tickets which get put through as its staff members putting through the ticket, no chance of winning battle.

once i became part of a gang and had interaction with the bloods, known to be breaking the rules, OWNER OF THE SERVER IS A MEMBER. Repeatably ramming my car during a chase (against the rules) , but me not valueing my life gets said in the ticket, i have no input with proof of the owner breaking the rules, just seems like a massive playground for him. its good in the social aspect, but once you get really drawn to the city, the true colours reveal themselves.

I have friends who have also not have any good interaction with the server, prime example an officer started to discharge a firearm with no words said after a gang fight on the scene, that specific member was not seen by police attacking anyone, but a spectator did, yet again, prime example of staff using powers to enhance others experiences.

unsatisfied with the server and many others also agree. Would not recommend as the server is soooo corrupt.

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