[UNDER DEVELOPMENT] Project V | Looking for: Team Members & Developers

What is Project V?
Project V or also known as Project Vibe is an 18+, whitelisted server thats under development that didnt start too long ago as of right now its just me working on it and im looking for ambitious people that would like to form a new team and work on a project together

Project V’s Goal
The goal is to create a new home for both new and returning rpers with a cross between chill and serious roleplay so that its welcoming for everyone Project V will be using QBCore/QBox as framework with familiar resources that people are used to and from there give everything a new fresh touch and slowly build towards more custom

Join Now Today!
If you are interested in joining me with this project then you can reach out to me NotMrMelon#0001 you can also join the server if you want to help with testing.

IMPORTANT: This work will be free for now


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Still looking for team members & developers

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Still actively looking for devs, management and more

Add me on discord !RICK!#6666 I am intrested and wanna talk

I cant seem to add you perhaps you can add me instead my discord is NotMrMelon#0001

I added you get back to me when your available,
Thank you

This is my discord,
!Rick A.!#6666