Uncharted Roleplay -serious-roleplaying-community-new-server-looking-for--ems-police--custom-eup-drugs--whitelisted-jobs-robbery’s

We are a new community looking for new members that are wanting a fresh start or something new. At Uncharted RP anything is possible. We have numerous civilian jobs to whitelist jobs such as Police, Fire and Ems.Check out what we have to offer…

  • Custom civ cars, tons to choose from
  • Custom clothing
  • Custom housing script
  • custom civ jobs
  • San Andreas Fire/Ems (Looking for fire chief)
  • San Andreas State Police/ San Andreas Sheriff jobs with custom patrol cars and EUP.
  • Custom tow script
  • Drugs
  • Gangs
  • And active staff that actually RP

We take RP serious and strive for everyone to have a fun time and won’t tolerate RDM/VDM. We have active staff to make sure things stay fair and fun!


Bump. New stuff added!


Come check us out!


where is this server based?

San Andreas

No I means in irl.

United states

What are you waiting for… come check us out!!!