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Just Launched! Uncharted Roleplay is a refined RedM experience. Set in the 1890’s you will find yourself in a fully immerse world. The developers work hard to create immersive custom content you will find nowhere else, restoring native content the way rockstar designed along with a whole range of upcoming features you will find nowhere else along with an in-depth breeding and training system for horses and all other animals.

Uncharted Roleplay is still in beta and has a long way to go, but the things already in place you will find are extremely solid, tested vigorously and an all round smoother experience than you will be hard-pushed to find on a public server.

The core player base is mostly from EU-timezone but is open to all NA/EU players, however events, restarts and others will be based around the EU OR GMT timezone.

We are looking for players to settle down here and become part of the community, to help shape it into what it is you want from your roleplay experience, helping you with the tools to create the roleplay you wish, we are always open to ideas and suggestions for what you really want, and anything is possible.

Our current content includes :

Custom settlement system. Citizens can pick between six towns, here they have voting rights within their town and can even nominate and campaign their way to Mayor or Sheriff roles where Sheriffs can place bounties on other players!

Custom Character Creator! Clothing shops & Barbers.

Banking & Deposit boxes.

Custom Bounty Hunting system with reputation, work your way up to accept player bounties!

Custom Doctor experience, forage and gather your own ingredients to make the wide range of medicines to treat your customers with or sell!

Custom player market stalls, rent a stall, which you can find all over the map to sell your hand crafted goods.

Crafting, weapon crafting, food and drinks! Different consumables will give you different effects, be careful making anything from the witch though she isn’t always nice!

Hunting/skinning/butchers : different grades of pelts and animal carcases are based off weight and rarity!

Mining/logging/foraging: gather things from all around the lands, to either sell or craft with.

Gold-panning! Try your luck, see if you find gold.

Lawmen/ranger/marshall roles are all available and based in saint denis.

Custom Lawman journal to record or share notes between other law.

Stables with all horse and customization options (awaiting update for more!)

Fishing, come and try our immersive fishing, see if you can hook the catch of the day.

Custom items, immersive smoking mode and so much more!

You can find all relevant info about the server including a roadmap for upcoming updates and more on our discord here.

Alternatively you can connect direct here

Come and join us!

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discord inv has expired but im super interested