Unable to join servers with custom maps+cars

I simply cannot join servers with custom drift maps and cars but l can join servers which only have the vanilla Los Santos and cars without any problems.

Every time l try to join for example Alpha’s server l get this error msg: “CfxCollection::ReadBulk of streaming file cache::/akina/akina.ytd failed to read 52488 bytes (got -1).” And then the game screen goes black and l have no other option to force shut FiveReborn down.

In some occasions l could load into the server but then 1. l cant see other players as they are beneath me/invisible and 2. l cant spawn cars as the game would either give me another similar error message or just freeze the screen.

I believe that the issue is in streaming/downloading resources.

I have everything installed correctly, its possible for FiveReborn to go through my Pc’s firewall. And its not a matter of my pc’s hardware either (i7 4790, 980ti 16gb ram).

Could it be because when FiveM was still around l had an regular ADSL modem but now as l have moved the only option for me to have internet in my home is an 4G wireless router. Every other game works just fine with this 4G router. Back then l had a max download speed of 2mb/s. Now l should have an max download of 15mb/s but it varies between 2 and 6mb/s mostly but its always higher than 2mb/s so that shouldnt be an problem.

I just wanna drift, man…

I’m having the same problem, worked for other people on teamspeak last night.

@Fatal_Groove yep, the error msg is always about some streaming file chache:/xx/xx.ytd which disables the server to load for me

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