Unable to edit files in de FxDK (not in the readonly files...)

Hi, I’m unable to edit files within the development kit I keep getting these errors saying Activating extension 'CSS Language features (built-in) failed: the language client requires versions ^1.52.0 but received version 1.50.0
I have this error with all the types of files occurring in de fivem ecosystem
The things I’ve tried are updating vscode, removing fivem and reinstalling it, i’ve even doen an npm install in one of the sdk folders

Windows update seemed to fix it :robot:

And how would windows update actually affect defined vscode api version inside of theia in FxDK? Exactly, it wouldn’t.

It did, strangely enough, it kept saying vscode version isn’t right for the built-in plugin so I updated my vscode on my pc but that didn’t work. then I decided to check windows update, I installed it and the error is gone. Dunno how that worked but it did…