Unable to authenticate account with Rockstar

Hi there,

I recently reinstalled my computer from Win8.1 to Win10, without any problems.

However, soon as i started installing FiveReborn, it asked me to fill in my details for Social club to authenticate my FiveReborn.

During this event, the authentication windows for Social club somehow disappeard and never returned, leaving me with a non-authenticated FiveReborn, of which confirmed when trying to join my server, which requires the authentication.

I have reinstalled FiveReborn multiple times as well as GTA V in order to regain the same window to authenticate my game again, unfortunately without any luck tho…

I’m stuck… i’d appreciate any reply as to what to do about this.



Hi SuicideMonky,
When you start FiveM are you able to connect to any servers? could you get a screenshot of what happens when you try and connect to a server. Can you play GTA V normally?

If you can run the game and get to the main menu, you’re authenticated fine.

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