🇬🇧 [UK/EU] Three Lions British Roleplay | Whitelisted Community | 18+ | Serious RP | Custom Framework | British Gang Culture | NHS & POLICE | Import Cars | Personal Garages | FaceTime, Casino & much more!



Three Lions British Roleplay is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game), based off of the GTA V base and combines both the ESX and QB frameworks, to create a custom framework with unlimited potential.

Three Lions was first created in 2021 by Brazy & Brooksy when the idea struck whilst trying to find a decent British server to play on. It first started out as a basic ESX 1.1 server with 64 slots… Now we are a whitelisted community with 5000+ registered users, 200 slots and we are continually growing bigger every day!

You can help us grow even further by simply reading through and clicking the link down below to apply to join the TLBRP community today!



Three Lions RP is the home of true, authentic British-Themed FiveM roleplay. Our community revolves around serious role-play, and non toxicity to create the pinnacle environment for your live streams!
Our player-base are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and you will make new friends in no time!

We have some amazing features, including custom buildings for the NHS, Police, and other businesses! We want you to get involved as a TLBRP Police Officer, a Paramedic, a gang member - or even a normal civilian living in Britain!

We’ve developed the server over a few months and are continuously improving, taking on community suggestions and implementing them into our ever-expanding server.

The server itself is hosted on 64GB of ram and 32x 3000Mhz CPU cores to enable only the best playing experience for you and your viewers.

Come and take a look at our community by following our Discord link down below!
Be sure to stop by and say hello!


  • Whitelisted Jobs :policeman:t2: :man_health_worker:t2: :man_mechanic:t2:
  • Strictly Enforced RP :x:
  • £20K Starting Cash :moneybag:
  • Gangs :hocho: :gun:
  • Drugs :pill: :maple_leaf: :snowflake:
  • Custom Heists :gun:
  • Custom Imports :racing_car:
  • Custom Housing :houses:
  • Custom Jobs :man_office_worker:t2:

TLBRP CONSTABULARY: :oncoming_police_car::policeman:

Fully expanded & working TLBRP Constabulary with choppers and custom marked & unmarked cars!

  • Jail & Community Service
  • Interview Rooms
  • Court House with Judges & Lawyers
  • Gangs & Drugs
  • MDT
  • Evidence & Processing Rooms
  • 8 Different Police Ranks to progress towards
  • Custom British EUP
  • Custom British ELS & Controllers
  • Custom British Police Station
  • Custom British Police Cars (marked & unmarked)
  • & Much More!

NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE :hospital::syringe:

Fully customised NHS Hospital in the centre of LDN complete with Rapid Response & Choppers!

  • Treat Patients for Small & Large Injuries
  • Fully customised Pillbox Interior
  • MRI Scanning Room
  • 6 Different Laboratories
  • Medi Kits & Bandages
  • Custom British EUP
  • Custom British ELS & Controllers
  • Custom British NHS Hospital w/ Covid Regulations
  • Custom British Ambulances (rapid response & heavy duty)
  • & Much More!

THE AA: MECHANICS: :man_mechanic:

Completely retextured LS Customs with AA Job, Uniforms & Towtrucks with working flatbeds!

  • Car Hammers & Repair Kits!
  • Crafting Tools
  • Custom AA Vehicles
  • Custom AA Garage
  • Custom AA Uniforms

Website - Click Here
Discord - Click Here
Join TLBRP - Click Here

If you have played our server & enjoyed your time on it, please feel free to leave a review down below. Any individual appreciation mentions of staff members will be taken into account in weekly meetings and will go towards possible promotions!

GALLERY: :camera_flash: :framed_picture:

Shell Petrol Stations: City-wide with CUSTOM Interior & Exterior!

NHS Queen Elizabeth Hospital: (Interior)

NHS Queen Elizabeth Hospital: (Garage)

Custom Cars: Collection #4

Custom Cars: Collection #5

TLBRP Police Station: (Cell #12)

TLBRP Police Station: (Front)

5* TLBRP Police EUP: (Hats and & Props)

TLBRP Police Cars: (Custom 4K Vehicles)

TLBRP ON TOP :100: :uk


Three Lions British Roleplay is owned by myself & Brooksy. I won’t blow my own trumpet here, I will just say thank you to every single person who has made this dream achievable. You are all incredible and I can’t honestly appreciate you all enough. <3

Brazy | Dev


Best staff, Best atmosphere and most of all everyone respects one another. There is non admin abuse what so ever and if this was to occur me and the other server owner will instantly be dealing with this quickly and efficiently as there is zero tolerance for it. What me and Brazy have built is great, its a dream come true to be a owner of a fivem server and the people that are associated with it make it better.
BrooksyUK | Dev


Little bump!


Is this server open to American players? A friend and I are newer to the RP scene and are looking for a quality server to call home and this looks awesome.


Yes everyone is welcome! Join our discord at http://discord.io/TLBRP :slight_smile:


Amazing server! Honestly best server I’ve ever played on amazing staff very helpful, and a range of different things to do also love the variety of different businesses to suit your style ranging from working for police to owning a gang and the choice of cars you can choose from blows my mind! Cant fault it.


Thanks Jack! We love that you love our server!

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great server well run and open to suggestions


Well run server everyone is great at rp i would definetley recommend this to people to want to get a good rp experience!


This server is amazing its has the best fun and helpful members its very easy to get started and there is lots of job opportunities and experiences its got amazing cars and clothing its got anything you could ask for so come and join us today and experience the fun with us and then if you don’t like it and its not for you then at least you have tried thank you.


Thanks dude!!


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Thanks Jake!


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Firstly the server has been built to an amazing standard. The server is very stable and well worked. There are tons of fresh/clean and good scripts that everyone can use. There are unique assets such as custom police cars and that which all help with the serious RP.


Thank you! That means a lot! :slight_smile:


Veryg good server nice staff wonderful community


Thanks dude!! :slight_smile:

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Great server for anyone and everyone! All staff are great, All NHS are great, All Metropolitan police are great, All AA are great ect. This server has so much too give and its so unique as off the custom McDonalds to the custom petrol stations and EVEN custom NHS/Metropolitan police. The cars alone are just mad like the design on this server is insane GOT 0 FAULTS! We would love for some more people to join us


Thanks Owen!

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Godly server. its well run all members can make money instead of just whitelisted jobs lots of games including squid games great touch and giveaways frequently Just outstanding!