UIs: You should use X, but not Y, because Y is worse than X

Hey guys,

I’ve been seeing lots of releases with everytime a new UI in play. Some are using NativeUI, some are using HTML-based UIs, some are using x, y… Now everytime I come across one of those releases, I have a look at the comments to see if I could find any useful info. Sometimes I do, but now every bit of info I have gathered is contradicting other bits of info. What I mean by that is:

You should use NativeUI. You shouldn’t use NativeUI.
You should use HTML+CSS-based. You shouldn’t do that.
You should use Scaleform natives. Don’t do that, use NativeUI.

Like, I’m trying to learn what I SHOULD use. What’s the cleanest, most optimized and most convenient (or the best all-rounder) UI creation method? Can’t we get a clear answer on that? If you believe that X is better, please post below stating why YOU think X is better, and why people should “use X because it does that”, not why “X is better because Y is worse”. Can we do that? Please?

Use NUI, which is HTML & CSS, it’s what it was designed to do. It can also make way better UIs then any other method.

Any documentation exist about NUI?

I just found scoreboard but it’s only show information, not send command (like to choose a team or something)

thank you

@nynjardin check the chat resource.

Ok, interesting ,Thank you!