Uggish Lust Gas ESX / Advanced Lustgas Script

Uggish - Lust Gas!
This script is a Lustgas script, very advanced but at the same time easy to use.
You use an object called “lustgas” and then you get a notification like you in the video, after a few seconds a notification comes more clearly that you see, your character also loses life precisely so that it will not be abused.

1. You take the “item” to use in your inventory then there will be a notification that you see in the video.
2. A notification will appear after a few seconds warning your character.
3. Will an animation that you also see on the video.
4. Your character also takes a bit of your life, because your character should not be able to overdose you.
5. You can choose exactly any text on the notifications, you change it in locales/en.lua!
6. You can easily change how much damage your character should take as minimum and maximum limit in config.lua/Config.Damage
7. You can easily select any animation in config.lua/Config.AnimationName, Config.AnimationDictionary.


Information - Escrow:
The config is open so you can easily change how much minimum damage and max should take, you can also change to any animation. Loclales/en is open so you can also change to any language or text.


Code is accessible No but locales/en.lua and Config is available.
Requirements ESX
Support Yes!