TxAdmin Internal Error on: /

I recently upgraded my server artifacts to v.2430, I set up the txadmin, logged into it, did the initial configuration… And now the web interface will not work. I have tired using a different browser, and on a different computer. Same thing happens accorss the board, after I log in with my connected fivem account it gives a blank white screen with a simple Internal Error on: / it also prints it in console. Is there something I’m doing wrong? or should i just delete everything and try again?

Same thing on my server right now “Internal Error on: /”

Any fix? SHould i run back to the previous FXS configs? ALthough i have updated my folder to the latest update like 3-4 days ago!

Mesma coisa no meu

I haven’t tired moving to a different server version I was hopping someone with some actual knowledge on the issue would pick it up and recommend a stable version

I’ve updated to 2432 and it still does the same thing

just did the same bro! nothing changed!

the thing is i am up to date with the latest recommended 2430 like 2 days ago and TX was working… Maybe there is a Tx admin internal error and what we are looking for is an update on the client itself!

I can see thought there is a new txAdmin version!

Hi, have you found solution? We have the same problem.

Anyone found solution to this issue?

IT fixed itself somehow. Maybe just bad version of Tx or server artifacts.

IT fixed itself somehow. Maybe just bad version of Tx or server artifacts.

Yep, I just can confirm, after updating my Version (from 24XX to the actual 2964 artifacts) the Dashboard an the other features work fine now :slight_smile:

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