Hello my dears

It is the new version of the script I shared before. In this post, I offer you 3 different options.

If you want your own prop remote control, you have to pay 10 euros in addition to your payment. The reason is that your own probe will be redesigned specifically for you, a small fee of 5 euros for html and prop design.

Usage: [+] volume up, [-] volume down, [middle circle] pause video, [Microphone & assistant] open videos with yotube video id, [close] close the video, [keyboard (ESC)] close ui&nui , [mouse right click] closes ui&nui.

This script video : Serto Tv Remote [Custom Prop] & [Script] - YouTube

Android Edition Black :
Apple Edition Black :
Apple Edition White :


Looks amazing! It’s ip locked?
Sync with all the players around?

Looks really clean! However I couldn’t find any information wether or not this resource is obfuscated using Escrow or not?

There is no ip lock, but you need to get youtube api v3 for your own server, other than that, you need to define it as sql.

The script is not hidden, but you need to integrate youtube api v3 for this script to work. You can see it for the files. Also, if you don’t introduce your script with sql, it won’t work.

Ok thank you so much, I will buy it and I will try to do it, for any help is possibile to contact you? Also for an extra price :blush:

Nice, stolen @Loaf-Scripts script, added a prop for the /command, and reselling it here :upside_down_face:

Flagging this

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Please send a copy of your resource to moderators group for approval

My brother, there is no stolen script, I just make a prop and sell it. I would appreciate it if you consider the replace logic. I just improved the code

I agree with @Munch1 . Definetly stolen from @Loaf-Scripts and he added a prop.
0 communication. 0 support. He admitted that is not able to help me cause he doesn’t know anything about coding.
The funny thing is that Tebex and the whole community is even supporting these people to steal money from us. If you try to open a ticket with Paypal they will tell you “it’s a digital item, we can’t refund you”. Nice. So everybody is allowed to post some stolen sh** and make money since IT’S A DIGITAL ITEM :slight_smile:

Good job everybody.

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