[Tutorial] Fix Broken Lights And Sirens

I’d recommend finding the carcols of a very similar vehicle (should be a police car or ambulance, whichever you’re doing) and copying it and changing the name to match the vehicle, and then changing the siren id as well. It’s been a while since I’ve used FiveM so idk if this will work but just a suggestion.

Hello! I have tried this system and it works for the most part, but when I try to add some new vehicles and assign them open IDs the lights often time never work. Just wanted your thoughts on this! Thanks

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Hey! Can you maybe specify what you mean about the lights not working? You never see the lights or are they all around the place? Are you sure the ID in the carcols.meta is the same as “sirenSettings” in the carvariations.meta? Also, please note that if the lights don’t work at all it may be due to a wrong __resource.lua. In it carcols.meta has to be before carvariations.meta. Please also note that if you have cars that have higher IDs than 255 there might be cases where it generates conflicts that don’t exist. I used to have a lot of vehicles and what worked for me is to make a Python script that scans all my carcols.metas and prints the IDs out so I can easily see what is wrong.

You made a python script?

Yes, nothing much it just scans all the carcols.meta files in vehicle folders and prints them out.

Share please! lol jk you don’t have to.

I had this feature from the GTA5MODS SirenSettings script. But it wasn’t all too useful in that it would say theres a problem with multiple conflicting ID’s. However, we have multiple vehicles using the same ID because it works for them both. Guessing dev’s stealing patterns from other dev’s or models or whatever is why that works lol.

I wish someone or FiveM would figure a way to increase it for us. Fix all these problems forever. If someone did it for single player I don’t see why they couldn’t for FiveM.

It is already done for FiveM (Sirensetting limit adjuster) it is just that all clients have to have it manually installed as I believe it is somehow messing with game values. A server-side alternative would be a game changer. I can share the script tho if you wish.


I did try the FiveM version before and it did fix many lights for me. But expecting everyone to install it is a bit much. Yea I meant server side it would be incredible.

The script is below. If you need any assistance let me know.
main.py (4.6 KB)

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awesome! ty

the question is this, has anyone figured out what formula the game uses to convert the larger carcols into the 14-255 range? would be easier for people to convert them to the lower numbers if someone had figured that out. i havent found it anywhere, and this seems to be the best thread so it was worth asking


Thanks for the compliment with the thread.
Though question. Unfortunately, I don’t hold any knowledge on how the game handles id’s and such. Probably the best person to ask would be the author of SirenSetting Limit Adjuster (SSLA). He can be found on gta5-mods (rarely) or the LCPDFR website where he is more active. I’ll, however, do some research of my own when I have some time.
I think it is something to do with memory, but I’m not sure. It would be lovely to get the source code of SSLA, but I do not think that is available.

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Yes. Modulo. Basicly anything over 255 will be converted into a number lower than 255 by modulo forumla.

i cant get this file to run


Which editor are you using or how are you trying to run the file?
For instance, in Visual Studio Code, you must install a Python interpreter tutorial here, whereas in JetBrains PyCharm you can just run the file.
Alternatively, you can also just download Python and run it like that.


So what you are saying is if we have a siren id value of “15479”, we can change it to anything below “255” in both the carcol.meta and the carvariations.meta and it should work?