[Tutorial] Creating and editing animations for GTAV using AnimKit

AnimKit just received a maintenance update with various long awaited fixes. I still plan to implement missed features like ROOT motion, UV animations, missed channels/data compressions, and maybe even move (or add side-by-side support :thinking:) from openFormats to CodeWalker’s XMLs at some point. I also want to implement Red Dead Redemption 2 support when it would be possible.

You can update AnimKit by launching it. Plugin update can be installed from “Manage plugin” window. Here’s more details:

i tried updating via manage plugin but it said, “An error occurred while uninstalling plugin”. I tried running it as an administrator, but it doesn’t load when I do that.

Any1 know how to properly make rigs? Or is it not possible to do that with GTAV?

I’ve noticed on YouTube Animation tutorials that in their models, you can click and drag the foot and it will automatically move the necessary bones with it to make it look smooth (the calf, thigh will adjust their angle to make it realistic)

Hi this is a little off topic but would it be possible to use this tool for importing custom animations to other games? Like Cyberpunk?? Because that would be awesome.

@Disquse thx for this tutorial, have other form to make anims ? using blender or other program ?

@Disquse Hi! I have trouble with messed up bones. It’s static (pose) anim, so when I export it it look like kinda messed up with inverted bones

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after update AnimKit

How can i get Autodesk 3ds max for free?

@Disquse pls fix script or allow to use older version, it’s not working without internet

It is do allow to use the older version of the plugin, you don’t need to “downgrade” UI executable. Don’t expect any fixes anytime soon.

How do you create animations then? If the software breaks the animation when exporting.

Go to the release page and download the November 13 release

It asks to update to the latest


As said multiple times already you can download the older version of a PLUGIN and install it manually.

ok, thx