Turflife rp| custom cars| custom scripts| police| ems| firedept| custom jobs| custom homes| non allow listed| anyone can join pd/ems

Welcome to the “TURFLIFE RP” where anything can go down. We are currently in the beta process of our server but we are growing daily. We are looking for ambitious people who understand how to role-play and not be so serious about things all the time. This server is serious roleplay which means we want to make it as real as possible.! We are currently hiring EMS/LSPD/FIRE DEPT. We can grow this server with your help. COME MAKE TURFLIFE RP YOUR HOME!!!

https://discord.io/TurfLifeRP DISCORD LINK TO JOIN SERVER FOR INVITED PEOPLE…press F8 then type connect cfx.re/join/r3rve8 to join

join us and help us start something great!