Tuna's Power Job V2 - [ESX] [Live Power Grids]

Thanks for checking out my latest release; I hope you enjoy :fish::heart:

:zap: No Power? NO LIGHTS . . . VERSION TWO ! :candle: - An ESX job that requires players to maintain multiple power grids !


Watch a preview here: :eyes: :tv:


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================= :battery::zap: Requirements :zap::battery:=====================
1.) My forked vSyncGitHub
2.) progressBarsprogress-bars
3.) ESX - (Any version);

=============== :battery: :zap:About the Script:zap::battery:==============
This script is a re-write of my V1 power job; Major revisions to functions, included server sync for ped interaction scenes, more detailed repair work, and a lot more !

==================== :battery::zap: FEATURES :zap::battery: =====================
:electric_plug: Creates a power grid for both Los Santos & Blaine County :zap::zap: As power drains, blackouts will become more frequent, until the grids collapse completely ! :candle:
:electric_plug: The power grids must be maintained by players; There is 3 jobs set up for players to contribute By doing the jobs, you add to the grid’s power
:electric_plug: The power grids can also be SABOTAGED with explosives
:electric_plug: Add/Subtract manually to both grids with a whitelisted command
:gear: Highly Configurable - examples include: Grid Zone || Multi-Grid || CustomPedForeman/default || Job Sites || Optional Job Requirement || webhook || and more !
:gear: Optimized - A re-write of V1 with: Idle: ~ .01 ms cpu 0.10 memory On Job (near marker): ~ 1.1 ms cpu 0.50% memory (Performance may vary among different server specifications)
:gear: Free Updates - As I continue to develop my scripts and implement suggestions and feedback; You will receive access to the latest versions of this script
:gear: Developers - Use a number of export functions to add compatibility to other mods

=================== :battery: :zap:CONFIG EXAMPLE:zap::battery:===================

===================== :battery::zap: RESMON :zap::battery: ====================

Still not convinced ?? Try out TunasPowerJob V1 for FREE ! :fish: :heart:
TunasPowerJob - V1 - FREE


I’d like to thank everyone for the feedback and support on my previous resources; TunasPowerJob V2 is a unique script that provides in-depth work for your server and was truly made with :heart: ;

Again, thank you everyone for the feedback, and support ! My plan is to continue releasing a combination of free, and some paid resources.

For any questtions, or support feel free to reach out to me directly, or join my new discord dedicated to fivem scripting here:fish::heart:


Thank you for the kind words !

Appreciate the support :fish: :heart:

nice work bro


Much appreciated ! :slight_smile:

curious what the difference is between this one and your free one?

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Hey there, good question !

The V2 introduces multiple power grids to the server, one for Los Santos and one for Blaine county; The jobs have all received an upgrade with multiple new steps, and a vast majority of the settings/locations are now easily customizable as well.

In summary; I’ve spent a considerable amount of time fleshing out the core script and introducing various optimizations; (Job menu + Sabotage menu loops will toggle when on/off job, for example)

Also, another big difference is how the events are triggered for players, where before it was for all clients now its on a sorted list :slight_smile: The powerjob script also contains a utility script (TunasPlayerExports as shown in video) that will also be used for future projects of mine :heart:

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

It did. If I didn’t have the other one so tied into my DOT job, I’d probably get it, but I don’t want to go thru all of that again LOL. I also have it tied into a heist where the grid has to come down before the heist can even happen. Police don’t get alerted until the power grid is repaired, so it’s all about speed of the fire department to put out a fire that has to be out before DOT can repair the sub station, then DOT has to do their job before cops get notified of a big break in.

The reason I mention this is just show what can be done using your power grid script and since this one is even better, I’m sure even more can be done.

Good luck with sales.

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Understandable; I am glad to hear that you have made great use of the V1 !

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Were you able to include support for cd_easytime in this version yet?

Hello ! Currently there is no support for different weather mods;

Have you considered making the switch to using vSync ? :slight_smile:

This looks so cool !! Great job tuna

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thank you !

GOAT! Fine release.

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Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Any chance of offering future support for cd_easytime ? Script looks amazing…

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hey there;
Qbus compatibility will be coming soon, next after that will be cd_easytime compatibility :slight_smile:

Appreciate you reaching out ! Stay tuned :fish:

Good for if a server has a good player base like maybe 100 people in the city constantly but if you don’t have that player base then its just shit. Takes away from role play as people are constantly having to go fix the power grid and nothing happens in cities. There is a better script where the power doesn’t flux on you but you can still go to the power grid blow it up and cause an outage and its about 5 minutes before the power comes back on. Doesn’t force other players who don’t want to do that job to do it because the creator wants to rep his own stuff and not fix what happens in a server when that’s his job.


pretty hard when he takes off for 3 weeks,

With that attitude I see why you have no player base. :wink: