Tuna's Power Job - V1 [ESX] [Working Power Grid] [FREE]

trying to replicate the issue I only found that currently during a grid collapse, the grid may come back on once or twice and then remained dark until power levels reached the minimums; If you made any changes to the timing of the grid id recommend changing that back and checking if issue persists

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Very nice script, congrats :+1:

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thank you ! <3

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:fish: :heart:I cannot thank everyone enough for the feedback and support :fish: :heart:

I have pushed some bug fixes to the latest version of the script; with it comes some slightly different installation steps. Please ensure you redownload the directory, and follow the instructions of the readme.txt :heart:

(1.0.1) - Fixed a key issue with blackouts not remaining persistent after 5 -10 minutes

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Looks very exciting. Good release :+1:


Good lookin’ resource. Check out github repository pull requests for some maybe useful changes.

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Thank you ! :slight_smile: ><>

I will take a look at that shortly; Much appreciated as I am always looking to learn and improve :slight_smile:

version 1.0.4 is now available with a few tweaks !

1.) New mission to repair a distant facility (Adds a lot to grid)
2.) Markers for the subframes needing repair; + Blip on map for LS DWP

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Hey Tuna_Terps,

Thanks for the release, everything seems to be working well except I don’t understand why I am getting this error on the vs_server.lua

[ script:vSync] Error parsing script @vSync/vs_server.lua in resource vSync: @vSync/vs_server.lua:362: unexpected symbol near ‘<\226>’
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script vs_server.lua.

also get this error later during startup:

[script:TunasPowerJob] SCRIPT ERROR in ticker: Error: No such export weatherCb in resource vSync
[script:TunasPowerJob] > Object.callback (@TunasPowerJob/server/grid.js:41)

I had followed the steps and have vSync loading 1st, replaced the files in as instructed but just keep running into this… any ideas?

hello; If you are using the latest version (1.0.4) if you have followed all the steps it should be working fine, please ensure that you redownload the repo and refollow the installation process, if issue persists feel free to add me

^^ see above

Holy shit @Tuna_Terps, this looks absolutely incredible, keep up this fantastic work, I’m excited to include it to our server v2.


Thank you very much for the kind words :fish: :heart:

I look forward to bringing more content for the community to enjoy :slight_smile:

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I will make sure to follow your scripts and progress!

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:fish: :heart: I am speechless ! Over 1,200 downloads so far on GitHub; Thank you everyone for the feedback and support !! It means a lot :slight_smile:




This looks amazing!!! I wish I was using ESX just for this script alone! lol


thanks raven !

Very much appreciated !

I am considering adding a standalone config; However i do not have much free time to test something like that /: maybe someone can fork the repo on github ??