Tuna's Power Job - [ESX] [vSync] [Working Power Grid] [FREE] [Release]

BUMP Version 1.0.6 is now available !!

1.) Toggleable Job Blip
2.) Third mission added (Travel Work XL) *also toggleable
3.) few changable settings added in job.lua; May consider adding some more for more configuration;

Thank you everyone for the feedback and support ! I am working on a new project that I hope you will all enjoy very much; And yes it will be free :slight_smile:

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We love having this in our city ! Great job Tuna

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EDIT: Solved In Private DMs.

Hey, thanks for all your hard work. Was trying to add this into my server and everything works except when I’m actually doing the jobs. I don’t see a progress bar and my character is stuck in the animation which means he is unable to finish the job. I have all the above dependences installed and followed the instructions carefully. I can see a notification which displays the current power going to the grid. Blip Markers are shown properly and also checked the terminal for any errors. All Looks good. Any idea on how to fix this?

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hey there; are you sure youre not getting any errors in the f8 or server console ?

Also when the server starts, is there any errors then ?

Very good script Thanks

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Youre welcome :slight_smile: :fish:

Glad we got that working for you ! Enjoy :fish: :heart:

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