Trying to update FiveReborn, updater crashes every time

So I launched FiveReborn.exe yesterday and the first issue I had was that my AVG detection software detected it as a general behavior issue. That doesn’t bug me as much as I can just ignore it. However, after I ignored the message and added it to my ignored list. Now that I try running the exe again, it just stays in my background processes. Now on to issue number 2. I got annoyed with the previous issue so I decided to reinstall FiveR. It was going through the update process when it would just get stuck on “FiveR Updater has stopped responding” I reinstalled again, same issue. Anyone know the solutions to these to issues?

Uninstall AVG entirely. It probably blocks the update process even if you ignore these warnings.

Use a different antivirus product such as Windows Defender.

Antivirus vendors have a penchant for not fixing issues like these, and users nor software developers usually can do anything about them - if you’re lucky there’s some option to disable that’ll make this work, but that isn’t a certain bet.

TL;DR: For god sake just disable your anti-virus while you play/update it, and you are NOT going to get a virus by unninstalling unless you are stupid enough (not saying you are, and if u do, no offenses) to download things from random sites and don’t even scan it somehow, even an online scanner is more than enough if the file isn’t too big. (read below to know how u can scan without having an active AV lmao)

They aren’t really a need to keep your PC clean. Honestly, any anti-virus that you can disable the real time protection and use it ONLY for scanning specific files and/or your entire computer is more than enough (anything like Malware-Bytes, Avast, and even AVG can do that far as i know). You are most likely not going to get a virus because you just downloaded something, but didn’t even oppened it, so what’s the point on using it ? If you ever need to turn it on because you think something is going wrong, you could just do it, but for god sake, at least turn it off when you are going to play something that is conflicting with it. Remember, the user is the best anti-virus, there are absolutely no anti-virus that will keep you 100% safe if you can’t protect yourself from stupid things like a trojan that comes inside an .exe (u can protect yourself, in a basic way, by scanning it manually and searching about the site were you downloaded it, so u can know if you can thrust it or not)

Personally, i’m running my PC without an real time anti-virus protection for almost one year so far and didn’t got any troubles yet, i run complete scans of my system at least once a month and guess what ? Never found anything besides false positives (they are, most of times, named as trojan.gen, or something.gen, etc).

That’s understandable, and I’ll do that. Still doesn’t offer a solution to the update crashing. I appreciate the help for the first issue though.

Well, the only thing you can really do about that is email your anti-virus support and ask then to fix it, or try to find the .exe names and locations and add it all to the exception list. Besides that, there’s absolutely nothing that the devs can do, even if they encrypt more and more, or make it more “unpacked” the anti-virus will still take it as a possible unwanted software or a possible threat that isn’t registered in their database.

Actually, if your anti-virus support it, you could disable the heuristic scans (i hope it’s how we spell it), it would stop searching for virus where there isn’t any (false positives), i didn’t remembered it before, but it doesn’t makes sense if you need/want an active real time protection against everything they can protect you from. But yes, it would, possible, stop that crashing, if you are lucky enough…