Truepixel Hiring all position

Join TruePixel Today : TruePixel Community
TruePixel is a Whitelisted FiveM based Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server focused on creative
storytelling in a realistic environment and an economy based city. Our server is estimated to be
releasing between 4/2022 and early 5/2022 looking for you to come enjoy our highly optimized server.
True pixel represents everything that people constantly strive to be, No admin abuse,
active staff and always updating our immersive world. Stop joining servers because they are
active… and join because the experience is something you expect out of a even playing
field. We only expect two things from our community and that is be active and have a ton
of fun. Join today, bring your friends, Spread the word and let’s start something that few have ever been able to accomplish.

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Just wanting to let you know your Discord Link is expired :frowning: