Trucking, Van Drop Offs, Pilot Jobs

Hello to All you Beautiful People!
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where i can locate a Job Script for simple van deliveries, Garbage truck jobs, Semi Truck jobs and Airline Jobs. Let me know if i am crazy, thanks for your time!

To name a few…


Script it, always the best way

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Thanks for the reply, I have all but the recolt one, does this allow me to create jobs from scratch? And the Trucker job doesn’t work nor does it pay out according to the chat.

I mean, the Jobs System allows you to make jobs from scratch… kind of.

The Trucker job works perfectly, make sure you connect it to your database.

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Is there a template or GUI or basic method to this madness on how to create a standard job. Get in garbage truck at garbage facility, drive to random location out of a few set, pick up garbage then drive back and drop off garbage and collect money. Lol same idea for airline pilot

I’ll recheck my trucker job tomorrow and confirm everything is setup correct

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Nothing like that has been scripted that I’m aware of. Either script it/hire someone to script it. Or let players role play those jobs.

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This has been created and is in the Server Lit City, the Devs wont acknowledge me or anyone who asks sadly. Lol

Yep, custom scripted. Doubt a server who made their own scripts are just going to hand them out to anyone who asks lol.


any plane jobs? ? can you make one

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