[Translator] Need your french script english?

Okay so its quite apparent that most scripts that release are FR.

Now this isnt too much of a problem its not hard to change, But for use EN peeps its getting tedious having to change every script we use and format it into English, Doing this can sometimes cause issues with Database’s if done wrong.

So im here to help, If your scripts are french and you want them translating to English then either comment below or PM me on here, You can also PM @Carmon if im not available (He is also danish if wanting danish scripts)

Don’t go throwing script after script to me, Only ask me if your script is a Release/Alpha/Beta or Before release.

I dont want to be changing/helping people who have half a script.

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Im having issues with the release of VDK_inventory its in french i tried to translate it my self but i broke it and i cant find the right option in the files to change to EN please help

Send me a message if your interested in doing this.

could you please translate it for me?


my bad ^^ didn’t read well, @BritishBrotherhood if you want you can translate my scripts (first of all eden_garage) and put it in locals :slight_smile: would help lot’s of people i think :slight_smile:

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EdenGarage 2? :slight_smile:

check my commecnt here for the english version of his latest update.


Thanks, but could you make it with locals, easyer for everyone :slight_smile:

i want to translate from french to english