Trading Card Script and Business

Trading Card Script and Business

PREVIEW : Trading Card Script FiveM | FlekDev - YouTube
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Price: $20

This is the most advanced trading card script on the market! I built this from the ground up for a server I used to work for and decided to release it!

This resource is partially protected by the FiveM asset escrow system.

● Runs at 0:00 ms
● When you are standing next to someone and use a card, it shows the other player the card you used. This is used as a way to share your cards without handing them the item.
● Business Functionality
● Only players with the business job can grade cards
● Only players with the business job can access the shop to buy the items to resell to players.
● Card Grading (3 areas get a random value 1-10, the average is the card grade). This makes a grade 10 extremally rare.
● Each card is given a print id (the# is the order in which it was opened). When graded, this number is displayed on the top right of the case.
● 32 cards ready to go out of the box!
● 173 toys ready to go out of the box!
● Ability to easily add infinite amount of new cards and new toys!

This script takes a fair amount of coding knowledge to set up. All of the instructions are in the README.

Requirements consist of:
qb-inventory (ox_inv will be supported in the future)

MLO Used in video can be found at

Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements qb-core
Support Yes

is the client unlocked my only concern is the binder prop not automatically despawning

Qbcore only?

can is-statushud be changed out for qb-hud or is that part not accessible?

can you turn off the shop part of the job so that i can implement my own supplies in another location?

Yes you can turn off the job part. Currently is-statushud is required but in the next update I’ll make that optional

At the moment yes

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It’s partially open, I can make the animation with the prop open so you can work with that. In my testing the prop disappears after you close it

If the player dies, will the card collection gone?

i just noticed in the preview once you open the binder it stays

No, the binder and toy chest act as a ender chest (if you are familiar with Minecraft). If you lose the binder, or the toy chest, you can buy a new one and you will have all of your cards/toys in there. This means that only you can see your cards, noone else has access to them. This is put in place so that you are able to carry your cards around and show people without having to be worried about getting your cards stolen.

This was fixed in the latest update, which was put in after the preview

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Can you show your friends what you have without dropping the cards to trade?

Yes, I’d you use the card next to someone it will pop up on both screens.

this would be beautiful for ESX ;3

Files that were changed:

Added an option to remove the business (allows anyone to buy items and grade cards)
Added the ability to remove the use of is-statushud
Fixed a bug with the ‘Config.StoreJob’ option


i dont recommend,

creator doesnt like suggestions for improvements, states the script is fine the way it is and that it doesnt get boring.

flip animation has broke 2 times now because creator uses cdn and cant provide support to help locally add

my ticket as been open since i bought the script 2 months ago with issues that are not fixed.

better options like t3 dev trading cards.

i have since switched scripts from this to another trading card script due to issues.

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