TOS question on publicly available resources (solved)

Sorry If this ticket/topic is being created in the wrong topic.

I have one big question about TOS.

If I’m willing to start my own server and going to use publicly available scripts, interiors, vehicles and etc.
And If somebody going try to claim that my project is using one of the listed resources without their permission or that I haven’t bought it from them.
Will there be any bans towards my project from the FiveM side?

Thank you for your future response.
Kind Regards eKo.

Scripts aren’t allowed to be purchased. Publically available means they were already free to use to begin with. So why would there be action taken when the scripts are publically available?

Thank you for your reply.
Now I understand about scripts and just interested in information about interiors, If someone going to claim that it is their, and I found it in public access. Will my project get banned, if I refuse to remove it, when it was found on public access.